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Collect All Three Magical Arrows (and Using Arrows with Limitations) Without Collecting the Fairy Bow

The following will be a guide on how to collect the Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows without ever obtaining the Fairy Bow. Some interesting properties about the Magical Arrows are worth discussing before laying out all of the specifics.

First, it is important to distinguish simply obtaining a Magical Arrow, and seeing it in your inventory. Simply obtaining one of the Magical Arrows will grant you the respective item, but it cannot be seen in your inventory, and cannot be used or otherwise seen on your Item Subscreen. If you obtain the bow after obtaining each and any of the Magical Arrows, the respective item will behave as expected. However, through the use of RBA (Reverse Bottle Adventure), the Ice and Light arrow can be added to your inventory as separate items. I will share in detail how these properties work in the following sections, one for each of the Magical Arrows.

Why would you want to do this, you may ask? Bingo! Or, you are a nerd. Actually, if the first is true, the second follows suit.

Ice Arrow

Properties of Ice Arrows without the Fairy Bow:

  • Ice Arrows are usable without the Fairy Bow. To do so, you must first RBA the item slot for Ice Arrows. To do so, collect any catch-able item on B with Hookshot set on II. This will grant you a new item slot for Ice Arrows, with the respective item you caught on B assigned to it (this will not work with the Longshot set to II. It must be the Hookshot). This is the only way to obtain this extra item slot, as the Ice Arrows under normal conditions will be included only within the Fairy Bow’s mini menu on the Item Subscreen.
  • Obtain Ice arrows by any method. Here are two methods. Method A: Obtain them getting all of the keys in Gerudo’s Training Grounds like an absolute casual. Method B: Do a Hookshot Clip to the Ice Arrow chest without obtaining any keys. I know you have Hookshot, you needed it in the last step! So come on, learn how to get the Ice Arrows early!
  • If done correctly, you will now have Ice Arrows as an individual item on your Item Subscreen. However, you have no quiver (since you never obtained the Fairy Bow!), so you will not have any arrows. Unfortunately, the only way to get the quiver without collecting the Fairy Bow is to RBA the NO MASK item, which honestly, I know nothing about, and am unsure if this method even works. I will research this further. Fortunately, there is another way to get arrows to use for your bow! Well, not arrows, but arrow…
  • RBA is the name of the game! Set Bottled Bugs to II, and perform RBA with any catch-able item. You will now have… ONE ARROW! You can now use your Ice Arrow one time! Woo! Repeat RBA of Bottled Bugs each time you need another arrow.
  • What happens when you use the Ice Arrow by this method with depleted magic? Link will fire a regular arrow! This property is the most important of all, as it allows you to shoot a regular arrow anywhere, which opens up a lot of doors, and literally lights some torches!

Obtaining the Fairy Bow after this process:

  • The Inventory Subscreen will now have the Fairy Bow with Ice Arrows in its sub menu, as well as the glitched dedicated Ice Arrow item. With the quiver obtained, the dedicated Ice Arrow slot works just as expected. Cool!

NOTE: Performing RBA with Hookshot on II after obtaining Ice Arrows will permanently assign the dedicated Ice Arrow slot in the Item Subscreen to a Bottle. There is no way to change the Bottle back into Ice Arrows after the Ice Arrow chest has been opened, so be careful with RBA!

Fire Arrow

Properties of Fire Arrows without the Fairy Bow:

  • Fire Arrows are NOT usable without the Fairy Bow. The item linked to Fire Arrows for RBA is Fire Arrows. Because there is no way to assign Fire Arrows to a Bottle before obtaining them, there is not a way to use Fire Arrows without obtaining the Fairy Bow.
  • Fire Arrows are obtainable without the Fairy Bow, but you must first obtain Ice Arrows as a dedicated item in the Item Subscreen. The Fire Arrow is obtained by shooting an arrow at the sun at sunrise atop the stone on the island above the Water Temple after completing the Water Temple and raising the water level of Lake Hylia. Shooting an Ice Arrow into the sun does not work. However, the Ice Arrow slot will fire a regular arrow if your Magic Bar is depleted!

How to obtain Fire Arrows (without the Fairy Bow)

  1. Obtain Ice Arrows as a dedicated item in your Item Subscreen, as detailed above in this post.
  2. Complete the Water Temple. Enter the Blue Warp in order to raise the water level of Lake Hylia.
  3. Atop the island above Water Temple, perform RBA (with any catch-able item) with Bottled Bugs on II. This will grant Link one arrow (This is done to bypass the quiver).
  4. At sunrise, with Link’s magic bar drained, use your dedicated Ice Arrow slot aimed at the sun from atop the engraved stone. Link will fire a regular arrow, and the Fire Arrows will appear as expected.

Light Arrow

Coming Soon! I need to actually test this one out myself. But you can get them I promise.



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