Notable Death Hole Warps

DHWW: Double Defense Early (Without Golden Gauntlet Power Upgrade)

The following is a description of how to acquire Double Defense via the use of FW (Farore’s Wind), set in Market, in Death Hole Mode.

NOTE: This trick will only work if you have not yet entered the pathway to Ganon’s Castle! The cutscene that plays when first entering the pathway to Ganon’s Castle must trigger when performing this trick. Otherwise, you will enter the area in darkness, and the exit warps in the area are not functional.

To acquire Double Defense early:

  • Become Adult Link. You will need Bombs, Farore’s Wind, any Ocarina, and Zelda’s Lullaby (As of the writing of this article, I do not know of a way to obtain Double Defense early as Child Link by this method, or by any other method).
  • Do not enter the pathway to Ganon’s Castle before performing the rest of these instructions.
  • Set Farore’s Wind in Market (I personally have tested setting FW from both the Temple of Time Courtyard, as well as the Castle Town entrance pathway. FW Placement from both of these origin points will work).
  • Perform Death Hole. Cast Farore’s Wind. You will now be in Market in Death Hole Mode. Proceed to enter the pathway to Ganon’s Castle.
  • The first entrance cutscene will play. Proceed to the large Golden Gauntlet block and discover… it and all of the other rocks aren’t even there! Walk straight into the loading zone.
  • You are now in the Double Defense Fairy Fountain, and for some reason (I really would like to discover why… more on this later), Death Hole mode will have ceased, and the game will be running in Normal Mode. Play ZL (Zelda’s Lullaby) to obtain Double Defense. After leaving the Fairy Fountain, the game is still in Normal Mode, and you will be in the regular map for the pathway to Ganon’s Castle.



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