Notable Death Hole Warps

DHWW: Hookshot Early (As Child/Adult*)

Direct link to Youtube video

*I wouldn’t quite define this as “early” if you’re doing this as Adult Link.

This DHFWWW (Death Hole Farore’s Wind Wrong Warp) can be performed as both Child and Adult Link. Setting FW in Zora Shop results in retrieving Hookshot, which is a way to obtain Hookshot early, as Child Link.

  • Set FW in Zora Shop from Zora’s Domain
  • Perform Death Hole via the Jumpslash Method, making sure you have no bottled fairies. Have FW and Bombs equipped on X and Y, irrespectively.
  • Cast FW
  • You will appear in the Potion Shop. Exit the Potion Shop through the front entrance.
  • You will appear in Dampe’s Grave. Race Dampe as you regularly would. After retrieving the Hookshot, use bombs to kill Link. Save and Quit the game. You will now have the Hookshot in your inventory!

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