Unsorted Tricks and Treats

Collect All Three Magical Arrows (and Using Arrows with Limitations) Without Collecting the Fairy Bow

The following will be a guide on how to collect the Fire, Ice, and Light Arrows without ever obtaining the Fairy Bow. Some interesting properties about the Magical Arrows are worth discussing before laying out all of the specifics. First, it is important to distinguish simply obtaining a Magical Arrow, and seeing it in your … Continue reading

Notable Death Hole Warps

DHWW: Double Defense Early (Without Golden Gauntlet Power Upgrade)

The following is a description of how to acquire Double Defense via the use of FW (Farore’s Wind), set in Market, in Death Hole Mode. NOTE: This trick will only work if you have not yet entered the pathway to Ganon’s Castle! The cutscene that plays when first entering the pathway to Ganon’s Castle must trigger when … Continue reading